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Monday, February 28, 2011

The Snow is Almost Gone

Yesterday it rained so almost all the snow is gone.

I admit that I am not a lover of the snow.  I think it's beautiful.  Its quiet and encourages snuggling and hot drinks and reading a good book.  But I don't like driving in it.  And most of all I hate the time spent dressing the Little People up in it for half an hour for them to frolic for 10 minutes and then drown me in puddles of wet attire.  This is not a Happy Time for me.  Sour-puss, I know.

Anyways, we made it thru this week and got some nice photos to share.  So, here's the kiddos enjoying themselves (while mama enjoyed the fireplace for a moment or two!)

This was a beautiful, peaceful sunrise the other morning.  I can appreciate the beauty.  Just not the cold.

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