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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Another Birthday at Our House

Winter is the season for these Johnsons to be celebrating birthdays.  Out of the eleven of us, 8 of us celebrate birthdays (and our Anny) between the last days of Nov and the first half of March.

And so Today is Gaelyn's turn!!

Funny to see Gaelyn holding her hands out like this at our meal's Blessing.  I think she's seen the movie "Eat, Pray, Love" a bit much!

Here the girls are singing "Our God is an Awesome God"

Opening gifts.  She's wearing a shirt I bought her earlier this week at Sally Ann and I think it suits her so well.  She wanted to wear it for her Birthday outfit.

When Rauchelle was here over the weekend she got the children into loving bandanas even more, so Gaelyn was thrilled to get her own.

I'll share more about this outfit later.  Just say that Maret sewed it.

I took six of the children to the school playground because.....that's what they love to do.  Here, Gaelyn is Frozen, waiting for somebody to come and Unfreeze her.

Laars is pointing out the moon in the sky.

Anders is frozen in space.

Doesn't she look like a Happy Birthday Girl?!

Toveli pushing Laars.  Love the rosy cheeks.

Sweet Maret

Happy Birthday Gaeyney-Pooh!!

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