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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Photo Project (DPP) and a Writing Workshop

What a day of New Things for Me.

I've never been a part of a photo project but decided "What the Heck" so I'm doing it.

The whole month of December I am going to commit (as long as I can remember on a daily basis) to taking and posting a photo for the day.  Sounds simple, but here I am at 11 pm just remembering that I was suppose to get this up and posted.  And this is only Day One!!!

I know I'm plenty busy, but this appealed to my Creative Side.  The Side that is so often neglected because I'm a busy mom.  And because the Research side of me easily wins out when its helpful with my childrens' school work.  I can always justify the Research part.  But the Creative side seems.....well......somehow selfish.  I know intellectually that it isn't selfish. But a conflict inside makes me feel like its selfish.

But, I'm doing this.  I'm gonna take some pictures everyday, and even if I don't have time to say something or explain, I'm just gonna shoot and put it up here.  Starting Now!!

This is Sigmund Brouwer.  Yeah, looking a bit retarded here, but hey, he was talking about silent but deadly farts, or maybe it was about the spider crawling over his French teacher's head for 15 minutes while everybody stared (rather than listened), or discussing whether any of us would have told him if he had a booger hanging from his nose.
I've never ever been to a Writing Workshop, but today I had the privilege of taking Danaka, Maret and Toveli to one put on by Heritage Christian Online School where Sigmund Brouwer shared.
He is from Red Deer (& Tennessee) and spends his time writing, and speaking to homeschool and public school students to encourage them to change their approach and attitude towards reading and writing.

And it was a Wonderful workshop!

Sigmund was totally down to earth, entertaining, utterly honest with tact and huge amounts of encouragement.  We all left there feeling that we can certainly write a whole lot more, with fun, creativity, and purpose.  I know my girls had a great time.  It was an afternoon well spent.

We were all encouraged to Dream.  Get our imaginations going and get it written down.  The editing and spelling and grammar can all be tinkered with later.  But the important part was Story.  Get the Story.  Figure out who your audience is, then tell Story that will draw on the audience's feelings.

Whether its to make us sad, or worried, or get us to laugh, tell us a story that effects our emotions, or else we aren't going to be drawn into Story.

PS....if you want to join the photo project, check-out the green button on the left side there.

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