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Saturday, December 11, 2010

(DPP) My Cute Red Shoes

Ever since I purchased these shoes, I've loved them.  And I've gotten plenty of compliments on them.

The funniest was when I was strapped on a gurney in the hall of an over-crowded hospital in Mesa, AZ after an ambulance ride.  The ambulance attendents noticed my cute shoes while we waited to get into an emergency room, and they were shocked at how little I paid for them since their wives both purchased expensive, expensive shoes and purses, one of which was like a $500 purse so she could carry her little dog.  And the other wife had had a pair of shoes that had been hundreds of dollars that got chewed by their (bigger) dog and so the wife went out and bought another pair of the expensive shoes.  They went on and on about their expensive wives, and I jokingly said that maybe they were married to the same woman.

Anyways, I've enjoyed my cute red shoes, and while sitting on the ferry today I decided to take a pic of them.  Because I like them.

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