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Thursday, November 4, 2010

New Owners

This table and set of 4 chairs have found some very delighted new owners.  We found this down at the Sally Ann and it fits quite nicely in our kitchen nook.

The children are thrilled to have a place to sit up at, particularly to work on maps and math, I think even more than for eating at .  Its somewheres to lay their stuff out at and work at an appropriate level with a hard surface.  (You'll recall that the dc were using Rubbermaids for eating off of)

I know it will be a good place for sewing at as the girls and I anticipate sewing a quilt (joint effort) this winter.  But I know it will also be a place for us to.....break bread together. 

 Not enough seats yet, but with our 2 stools we can now sit 6 out of 9 of us.  Not a bad start.....and I'll keep an eye open on freecycle to get some other wooden chairs.

I enjoy these simple things in life, that add some comfort to our lives.  I like living with less, but somethings are simply nice to have for comfort and convenience and functionality.  I think the table and chairs fits in there.

PS....several of the children weren't wanting us to get table and chairs, because they love to have the space to play around in, and work on projects on the floor.  But now that we have the table, they all really like it.  After all, there's still the dining room that's mostly empty.  (I personally think that's a waste of space, to have both a kitchen and a dining eating area.....but that's just my opinion)

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