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Monday, August 31, 2009

Our Family's Vaccination Story

I always hated getting needles myself when growing up. I remember my mom helping me across the gymnasium floor at public school because I was faint and couldn't walk on my own, but pride didn't allow me to sit down.

As a youth, I got all of my vaccinations on schedule. It was part of routine at school. I dreaded it.

Everette got all of his vaccinations also. We were compliant children, doing as out parents and teachers told us to do. Our parents were compliant, also, doing what they were told and what they thought was beneficial for us. They just didn't know any better.

Everette and I fell into the same trap as new parents. We were uneducated about vaccinations, but knew that that's just what everybody does. Was there a reason to question it???

I dreaded each appointment for our 2 little girls to get pricked. I felt terrible, telling them that even though it hurt, it was for their good. Was it, really?? In my heart, I wasn't sure.

I read about the vaccination debate here and there, but internet wasn't available to us at that point so it was limited to the occasional magazine article I'd happen to read while waiting for some appointment, or hearing tidbits of conversations here and there.

Although Everette was fine with the girls getting inoculated, I no longer was. I started to cause friction in that area . I felt we both needed more information, and couldn't just continue to go blindly into this just because 'everybody else is doing it'.

We agreed to stop vaccinating until we had enough information. We came to realize that we were responsible both whether we vaccinated our children or we didn't. It had nothing really to do with any kind of medical 'authority'. It was just us as the parents, answerable to God. If we vaccinated them and they had contraindications/bad reaction, WE were responsible because we subjected them to it. If they weren't inoculated, then WE were responsible for that, too.

The years went past, and we gathered a little info here, and a little info there. I was more comfortable with NOT inoculating, but I still was basically undecided.

Then I started using a new chiropractor, and it was he who actually brought the subject up one day. He was opposed to vaccinations, and congratulated me on having stopped giving them. He armed me with a bit of copied info, and the recommendations to read, "A Shot in the Dark" which I was able to borrow from the library.

Now I was feeling more convinced that to not vaccinate was the wisest choice. And Everette was becoming more and more convinced. It was also helpful to know that a medically informed person such as our chiropractor had also come to the same conclusion.

I devoured other books from the library, and now that we were able to access the internet I started to do some research on my own. I was glad we were becoming more and more comfortable with our decision, because about this time we were having children added to our family. We now had more dependents to make this crucial decision concerning.

When our first son was only 4 months old (he is our 4th born), we discovered that he had whooping cough. Yes, the one we could have had him inoculated for. However, at his 4 months of age, the most he would have had would have been 2 scheduled shots. One isn't considered 'adequately covered' until the third round.

When a little research was done, it was discovered that he had contracted the virus from our friends baby girl (6 mths old, also not inoculated, and was originally hospitalized with diagnosis of bronchitis) who got it from their next door neighbour's school-aged INOCULATED girl who had been diagnosed with Bronchitis, of which she'd had for 3 months and been on several different medications, all of which had been ineffective......because she actually had whopping cough for which the meds aren't effective to stop the cough after it has developed! But the doctors hadn't recognized it as whopping cough, because they had a preconceived idea that inoculations provide 100% protection against that disease. (That is absolutely not true, and the stats show it)

I spent 2 days and nights in hospital with Mitchell as he was having difficulties breathing due to choking on the incredibly thick mucous that is part of whopping cough. I was hit with a small barrage of Doctors who took it upon themselves to inform this 'uneducated woman' about the dangers she poses to all of society because she chooses not to immunize her children. I was a sitting duck of course, spending 2 days in their environment. They never once asked me 'Why?' I chose not to vaccinate. They just made their assumptions and blasted me for my apparent irresponsibility.

The majority of deaths due to whopping cough are in infants <6 style="font-style: italic;">what is in the injections, its mode of application goes against God's design.

Then when I considered the way our society worked, I noticed it too was against God's design. In Leviticus 13:46 it says "As long as he has the infection he remains unclean. He must live alone; he must live outside the camp." This was to limit the spread of any infectious disease. But this isn't the way it works in our western society. We see bank tellers and cashiers with red and runny noses going to work, sneezing away, handling our food and our money, passing the germs onto us. Working parents can't afford to take a day off of work so they send their sick children to school. This isn't anywheres near being 'alone' or 'outside the camp.' As a matter of fact, most of us have participated or at least heard of parents having 'chicken-pox parties' where they purposely take their uninfected children over to the house where a child is in the contagious stages of chicken-pox, in hopes that their child or children will contract the disease. This is totally un-biblical, but we don't even seem to bat an eye at the practice.

I haven't mentioned anything about questioning the ingredients in a vaccination shot, because there are lists available on the internet and in books. They include known-carcinogenics (cancer-causing), heavy metals, live viruses, cells from other animal forms, etc. Why anybody would willingly have that put into their muscles and into their bloodstream, is beyond my comprehension. The only possible way is because of ignorance, and fear. And undoubtedly, the media is big on fear tactics. They are paid big bucks to stir the emotions of the people, and fear is a huge epidemic in our society.

But Praise God, we don't have to succumb to fear, nor live under it. Perfect Love casts out ALL fear. Trust in the Lord with all of your heart, and lean not on your own understanding. In all of your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your paths.

I do not fear. If God is for me, who can ever be against me? He makes me more than a conqueror, in all things. I do not need to fear.

That's all I'm going to write about this for now. Maybe I'll add another post later.

This is so pertinent for such a time as this, because the gov't, medical field and the media are bringing alot of fear around the subject of the Swine Flu in particular, and are making it sound like the inoculations are the only way we will have a chance of surviving an epidemic. This is just an out-right lie. Don't buy into it. But don't just believe me either. Educate yourself. PLEASE!!

Question for You: Have you done your own independent research on the topic of vaccinations?

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